is your company culture reinforced through design?

It is important that you see your company culture reinforced through design. Often companies look at office design as just a cost of doing business. Workplace design is one of the biggest components to an organization’s success because it is a driver and a supporter of company culture. A recent gallup poll indicated that employee engagement in the U.S. is at an all time low with only 32% of employees feeling engaged in the work that they do. Reinforcing company culture through strategic office design has the potential to yield unlimited positive results like increasing productivity, encouraging communication and collaboration and creating a culture of belief and investment in the organization. Is your company culture enhanced by your office design?

Culture reinforced through design: Getting on the same page

Creating consistency through design will help everyone to feel united in the work that they are doing. Because a business’ culture is unique, a great starting point is simply by asking your staff to  describe with words and images what the culture of the organization looks like.  By really understanding what your company culture looks and feels like, incorporating elements into the design of your workplace will only enhance your business efforts.  When people walk through your door they will get the feel of your business’ personality and that will lead to increased confidence in the principles and values that your business stands behind.


Culture reinforced through design: Reinvesting in the organization

By redesigning or creating a new space to reflect the culture of your organization, you send the message that your organization–its people, place and technology is worth investing or reinvesting in. By designing a space that your company feels proud a significant impact on the way your business operates.  In fact, studies have shown that when employees are in an environment that they admire, productivity can increase by as much as 20%.


Culture reinforced through design: Increasing efficiency and effectiveness

By having a strategic physical layout, furniture and technology you will create an optimal environment where your employees will be able to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.  By placing departmental teams in collaborative areas, it encourages communication which improves job effectiveness. Also, by providing employees with a workspace that is conducive and ideal for the job that they do, it will support a culture of employee engagement. When employees are engaged, organizations see significant increases in efficiency.


When your organization has a well-defined and thriving culture, it will give your company a competitive edge that can’t be matched. By utilizing dynamic office design to support and reinforce your company’s culture, you are investing in a workspace as an asset that will lead to your organization’s success.

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