3 Reasons Sit to Stand Applications are here to stay

What once started as a trend by a few health-minded companies and individuals, the sit-to-stand desk is here to stay.  Experts believe that within the next few years, 90 percent of offices will have embraced the sit-to-stand desk model. The biggest reason is that when we encourage employees to stand and get up and move, not only does it have positive health benefits, but it will have a tremendous impact on productivity and employee mindset in your workspace.

Here are three reasons why sit-to-stand desks are popular:

  1. Standing Makes You More Productive.  When you are able to stand during the course of your work day, It engages your muscles which increases blood flow and activates your brain. Chemicals are released and suddenly lots of amazing things start to happen–your energy increases, your concentration improves, and you mood changes.  A recent study states that after switching to sit-to-stand desks, productivity increased by 10%.
  2. Standing Encourages Team Building.  Sit-to-stand desks encourage movement.  When employees begin to move around more often during their days, connections are made.  As employees connect, things like collaboration and innovation increase.
  3. Standing Promotes Health.  The positive health benefits of a sit-to-stand desk include the following:
    • Decrease in Blood Pressure
    • Decrease in Cholesterol levels
    • Reduced Obesity Risk
    • Improved Posture

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