2019 Office Design Trends

2019 Office Design Trends

Office design has an enormous impact on the success of a business. In a business landscape that is increasingly competitive, companies continue to search for new and innovative ways to attract and retain top talent. Understanding what potential employees are seeking in their work environments is critical to your companies success. Let’s take a look at the trends in the workspace that lie ahead for 2019.

Experience-Driven Spaces
This trend is all about creating an employee experience in the workspace. These spaces are typically employee-focused and geared towards boosting morale, increasing wellness, and community building. In the past, workspaces tended to go with a one size fits all approach to the physical space, but the experience-driven space embodies the culture and spirit of the company.

Experience-Driven Spaces include design features such as:

  • Meditation Areas
  • Rock Climbing Walls 
  • Theaters 
  • Coffee and cocktail bars 
  • Game Rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces

Bringing together the old and the new
Just as with fashion, old trends always seem to cycle back. The old meets new trend is all about bringing structures and buildings back from the past. Designers are now finding structurally sound buildings that are neglected or in disrepair and injecting new life into them. As businesses move into warehouses and abandoned buildings, designers are balancing the timeless architectural features with modern interior furniture and design. This trend pushes forward into the future while simultaneously acknowledging the past.

Design feature for this trend include:

  • Antique and weathered textures 
  • Smooth and soft textures
  • Modern design accents 
  • Carpet or wall coverings with abstract designs 
  • Modern furniture and office equipment

Social Spaces
Social spaces are just multifunctional spaces that are so flexible that your employees can find a comfortable place to work, have informal presentation or meeting, take a nap, have a cup of coffee or hang out with the other staff. As time moves forward, the idea of a fixed work position at your job no longer exists. Employees are looking for a variety of spaces that allow them to move to where the task they are working on can be completed best. It also helps with communication and innovation between departments and staff.

These social spaces tie into the experience-driven movement that is occurring. They are rooms where you can have coffee with a client in a relaxed and comfortable area. In 2019, it is time to throw away the idea that your workspace has to be boring and serious to achieve success. The drivers of success in 2019 are workspaces that inspire creativity and fun.

Social spaces should embody the following characteristics:

  • Flexible 
  • Relaxed and Comfortable
  • Adaptable for the needs of staff 
  • Fun and inspirational

Back to Nature
Last year this was a big trend, and it continues into 2019. Because the goal is to create pleasant and fun workspaces, studies support that plants and natural features make for happier and more relaxed employees. Bringing nature into the office isn’t just about having plants in your workspace, think water features, interior gardens, using a variety of natural materials like stone, metal, and wood or using natural colors and decor to reflect nature.

Design features include:

  • Indoor gardens 
  • Water features 
  • Natural light
  • Earth tones and colors
  • Materials like stone, metal, and wood

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