Embrace Technology

Technology is all around us, from self-driving cars to Amazon delivery drones, the future is here.  Not only is technology super cool, but it has a way of making our lives more efficient and easier. Is your workspace keeping up with the lightning speed at which technology keeps changing?

When you start to take steps to fully integrate your space with technology your company will reap amazing benefits, such as: increased productivity, improved functionality and a higher level of employee engagement.  One of the best times to assess your workplace technology is when you are planning an office redesign or relocation. With the help of an expert, like the designers at Bellia, you can use the time before your redesign or relocation to research the available technologies that will benefit your business most.  

Furniture manufacturers are now designing furnishings with technology integrated into them.  From conferences tables and desks to seating and other furnishings, selecting furniture with power and data ports built right into them is important to encourage collaboration and provide easy accessibility for your staff. For example, Haworth’s Workware™ line integrates adaptable technology solutions for collaboration and sharing.

Offices can now incorporate interactive whiteboards and audio visual screens that are easy to connect to, automated conference room booking systems, and built-in power adapters and charging stations throughout the workspace.  With open floor plans, employees move fluidly throughout a space setting up their laptops wherever they land, which supports creativity, collaboration and efficiency. But before this environment can happen, your office must be set-up with a framework that will support it, so that’s why the best time to assess your office’s technology is during a relocation or a redesign.

If your office is in need of update or you are planning on a move, it’s important to partner with Bellia right at the beginning. Our experienced team will help you incorporate the best technology and furniture for your space to keep you up-to-date and competitive.  Call us today to get started!

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