5 Ways Workplace Design is The Key to your Organization’s Success

Often companies overlook their workplace design due to the cost that is involved.  But when you consider the benefits like increasing engagement, attracting top talent, supporting culture and maximizing productivity and efficiency, your company will see a considerable return on its investment. Here are 5 ways that your workplace design is the key to success.

  1. Supporting Company Culture

A recent gallup poll indicated that employee engagement in the U.S. is at an all time low with only 32% of employees feeling engaged in the work that they do. Reinforcing company culture through strategic office design has the potential to yield unlimited positive results like increasing productivity, encouraging communication and collaboration and creating a culture of belief and investment in the organization.


  1. Create a Happier Workplace

Did you know that employees who report being in a happy work environment take fewer sick days?  The happier employees are in their workplace, the more they work. Creating a workspace that they love by using color, natural elements and legibility in your space, will decrease sick days and increase productivity.

  1.  Support Flexibility

When employees have more choice, they are more motivated and engaged in their jobs. An office environment that allows for employees to have more control over the way they do their work in the way that works best for them is beneficial to your workforce. Providing a combination of spaces for employees is important because it satisfies the need for privacy and collaboration depending on the task at hand.

  1.  Enhance Recruitment and Retention

By investing in workplace design as a way to enhance your recruitment and retention, you can strategically create not only a space where employees and recruits will want to work, but a space that will inspire and engage them, making your company a place that will stand apart from the rest.

  1.  Return on Your Investment

When you design a space that is functional and beautiful, it will offer a return on your investment.  When you create a space that takes into account your employees, your culture, engagement, and recruiting, you will see clear returns in profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Bellia, has been a leading business interiors solution provider within the South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia Area. Now a third generation family company, Bellia is a furniture provider focused on corporate interior design. Through strategic planning and design, Bellia provides office furniture and design services that will increase the return on your workspace.  Give us a call today and let Bellia help your design your workspace for success!


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