Are Social Spaces Still Important Post COVID?

Are Social Spaces Still Important Post COVID?

You may have asked yourself-are social spaces still important post COVID? It’s a fascinating question that the past 12 months have fostered, and Bellia has the answers. Some call it cautious, and some call it paranoia- either way, the awareness of the pandemic along with its effects on how we interact has shifted our communities to unprecedented forms of connecting. From live chat meetings to constant emails, many businesses are seeing themselves create a new way for their employees and customers to converse- but does that mean it’s the only way?

Why Social Spaces Still Important Post COVID

Lauren Rottet is an internationally celebrated architect/designer, who believes despite the changes, we need to remain socially connected. She spoke with Haworth’s Global Brand Director Kurt Vander Schuur and shared her thoughts on hospitality and social spaces. In fact, she feels social spaces are more important than ever as we return to the workplace. These spaces will have different looks and promote a new vibe, but the purpose will remain the same: supporting people in focus and collaborative work, as well as restorative activities.

“Work is coming to the hotels, and hospitality is coming to the office.”-that’s the opening sentiment she had to offer in her talk with Schuur, highlighting how the workspace has become contingent on locations available and if the location available is a set facility, these places must have a sense of geniality.

She also believes that it’s not so much we change the way we live, but we change the way we work entirely. Whether we think of it or not, a lot of our lives are based around our jobs, and sometimes our work comes home with us. This makes having a smaller workspace in your home and one at your office ineffective since you could simply work at home. Instead, she feels the office has become more than a place to do your part- it’s about communicating with others in a tactile, visceral way: to be social. People want to feel good about coming to the office since they do not have to. So why do they? They come because it’s a better environment.

With Bellia, businesses can help promote a better environment through design, furniture, and dressings to make the workplace more appealing. Please contact us here to learn how to bring your workplace a place you want to go.

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