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Connect and Share at the Pace of Ideas


Work is an Activity, not a place. Increasingly, it’s a group Activity: sharing progress, touching base, comparing notes, Considering multiple points of view. With Workware, these activities get easier for everyone.

An uninterrupted exchange of information is essential for communication and creative problem solving in groups. That’s just what Workware connect was designed to bring to the workplace. With options for wireless or wired connectivity, Workware removes technological barriers that often hinder collaboration at work. Users simply plug in or launch software on their laptop to connect wirelessly to external video displays. It’s that easy for groups to connect, share content, and keep ideas flowing.


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Designed to Fit – Anywhere

When coworkers get together to get work done, ideas need to take center stage — not communication tools. That was the thought behind the Haworth Design Studio’s discrete, low profile design for the Workware connect module. The elegant sliding door and multiple finish options ensure a clean, crisp aesthetic wherever Workware is used: tactical execution, presentation, social, and strategic thinking spaces.


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Shrinking spaces result in less individual space and more collaborative group working environments. Wireless, mobile and multimedia technology level the playing field for any and all aspiring high-growth organizations. Organic environments allow for more intuitive interaction, team building, idea sharing, cultural advancement and organization development.

Show and View

Haworth’s Workware product line also includes Workware view monitor mounts. With options available for table- or wall mounted (On drywall or Enclose® moveable walls) displays, Workware view accommodates various sizes and brands of monitors in single or dual setups.


At Haworth, we understand that nothing about work today is one size fits all. So Workware connect provides scalable options for connecting and sharing:

  • Cable Sharing

    Content sharers pass a cable from one user to the next.

  • Cable Sharing with Touch Control

    Up to four users pass control by touching a button. No cable passing needed.

  • Wireless Sharing

    An unlimited number of users can share content using on screen control.

  • Wireless Sharing with Wired Cable Back-up

    Combines wireless sharing with wired back-up.

Worry-Free Wireless

Wireless security is important to everyone. With Workware, wireless connectivity is built upon your existing network infrastructure, taking advantage of your existing firewalls and other security features. Additionally, each session generates a unique 4-digit login code for secure access to protect your information.

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