Increase Your Bottom Line by Retaining Employees

Before you let your employee resign, you might want to think about ways to retain them.  Employee turnover rates are costing companies staggering amounts of money each year.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it costs $3,500 to replace an $8 per hour employee. Now, think about that with a different level […]

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Attract Top Graduates To Stay & Work in The Tri-State

Are you poised to attract top graduates? 2017 is the year that businesses begin investing in the future of the Tri-state area. Did you know that in this area, there are a number of colleges that are continually producing top graduates in their respective fields, yet the Philadelphia area continues to lose this talent to […]

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How the CFO can help Reduce Distractions in an Open Office

About 70 percent of US companies have adopted an open office. The benefit of having an open office is that it maximizes space while keeping down costs, since it reduces the cost per square foot of each employee. But the amount of distractions employees encounter could often hurt productivity. A  recent study suggests that distractions […]

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Erogonomics Cost Justification

According to research, upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms among computer users are reported to be as high as 63%. Making changes to the work environment to improve the safety and health of workers will often reduce a company’s costs, improve productivity and quality issues, and decrease the chance that employees will file a complaint with the […]

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