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Lacasse – C.A.

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF The result of a twofold approach aimed at creating contemporary and affordable furniture solutions for the workplace. Contemporary in its proportions and by its off-centered structural design, but also in its flexibility of assembly which‑answers to various customization requirements, C.A.‑makes design and creativity available to all. While respecting Lacasse’s high […]

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Lacasse – Morpheo

Invalid Displayed Gallery Download PDF Lacasse Morpheo Information It’s easy to get wrapped up in Morpheo with its attractive styling, wraparound functionality and signature floating top look. But there is substance along with its modern and practical style. Freestanding or juxtaposed, Morpheo makes the most of compact space or expands like a system. Its shape-shifting […]

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Lacasse – C400E

Invalid Displayed Gallery View Brochure C400E Info Concept 400E is the original inspired solution from Lacasse and the leader in its category. It’s easy to see why. An abundance of shapes, components, colors and finishes work together without straining the budget or omitting the finer details. Note the thick 1-inch top and recessed full height modesty […]

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Lacasse – C300

Invalid Displayed Gallery View Brochure C300 Info Concept 300 is a new office collection which combines style, flexibility and effectiveness at highly competitive prices. Lacasse furniture constitutes a reference with respect to durability and reliability, and Concept 300 is no exception! Thanks to its extensive component portfolio, Concept 300 allows you to create small touch-down […]

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